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Wikis in the Classroom

Page history last edited by Beth Pollock Burke 16 years, 1 month ago

Wikis in Educations 

What the heck is a wiki, anyway?

I think the following is a great description of a wiki, taken from the Science of Spectroscopy website:

A Wiki can be thought of as a combination of a Web site and a Word document. At its simplest, it can be read just like any other web site, with no access privileges necessary, but its real power lies in the fact that groups can collaboratively work on the content of the site using nothing but a standard web browser. Beyond this ease of editing, the second powerful element of a wiki is its ability to keep track of the history of a document as it is revised. Since users come to one place to edit, the need to keep track of Word files and compile edits is eliminated. Each time a person makes changes to a wiki page, that revision of the content becomes the current version, and an older version is stored. Versions of the document can be compared side-by-side, and edits can be "rolled back" if necessary.


Still confused?  Let's look at Commoncraft's Wikis in Plain English:


If you scroll further down this page, you will see lots of resources on using wikis in education.


Wiki Tools:

  • PBWiki
  • Wikispaces
  • Wetpaint

Sample Wikis

Here are some sample educational wikis.  Some are student-centered, others are teacher-centered, and others are administrative uses of wikis.  The possibilities are endless.  Please feel free to add your own samples!





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